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Everyone’s story is worth telling… but not everyone wants their story told. For those who do, as a ghostwriter I help you get your story out of your head and heart and into print! And just like an actor or actress gets into character, I don’t just listen to what you say; I pay attention to how you say it. I take on your spirit, your personality, your voice. I am your silent partner,  responsible for crafting your story in a way that entertains, enlightens, and inspires all who read it. Anyone who knows you will be able to say it sounds just like you because, after all, your name is on the cover! Among other things, that tells you our project is not complete until you are happy to sign your name to it!

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Many said they read my book in the first week, but most everyone read it in one sitting! You did such an amazing job!

Your writing is effortless to read. I can tell you pour your heart and soul into every single piece. Your leads are always very interesting and pull me into the body without me even realizing it. Bottom line: I couldn’t be more satisfied with how this was written. You have exceeded my expectations.

You’ve been an unexpected blessing to me and I look forward to our calls every week. I find myself energized afterwards. Your work ethic and performance have been off the charts. 

Susan listened and understood exactly how I wanted my book to be done. Her process is structured. professional, and timely. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a ghostwriter who can produce a high-quality book. She will not disappoint!

You have over-delivered to the extreme, not only with your writing but also with your research. It  takes someone special to cheerfully read through every document, website, and copy idea I send to them. Quite honestly, I couldn’t have found anybody better for the job. Thanks again for everything that you do! None of it is overlooked or taken for granted.

I was blown away by your most recent submission. Your copy has a lot of momentum. It flows seamlessly and makes it nearly impossible to slow down or stop reading. I couldn’t be more satisfied with how it all turned out.

About Us

Roman soldiers occupying Israel during the time of Christ had the right, by law, to order anyone of their choosing (who was not themselves a Roman citizen) to carry their equipment as far as a mile. But once they traveled that mile, their duty was fulfilled. They could lawfully lay down their burden at that point for the soldier to either pick up himself… or find someone else to assist him further.

It comes as no surprise that this law was quite odious to the Jewish people, who naturally evaded that circumstance whenever they could. So when Jesus told His followers in Matthew 5:41, “If a man in authority makes you go one mile, go with him two,” they knew He was referring to a level of service that was truly out of the ordinary.

Though going the “extra mile” by definition means to exceed expectations . . .

A bad painter can cover up her mistakes… but a bad writer publishes hers.

Make sure you hire the best.

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